The Interview: 10 questions for amanda haas-culinary director of williams sonoma

Amanda Haas is the Culinary Director for Williams-Sonoma.  She is the author of two best-selling cookbooks, Cooking Light Real Family Food (Time, Inc., 2012) and The Anti-Inflammation Cookbook: the Delicious Way to Reduce Inflammation and Stay Healthy (Chronicle Books, 2016). Haas’ work has been featured on MAKERS: Women Who Make America, a digital video and broadcast initiative with AOL and PBS ; The Everygirl; and Sunset Magazine.  She pursues her two biggest food passions daily, which are teaching families how to simplify cooking at home, and improving our health through food.  She is a graduate of Tante Marie’s Cooking School.


THE LOWDOWN with Amanda Haas

who I am right now: A happy, busy woman who feels slightly overwhelmed at all times, but optimistic nonetheless.

biggest “no regret”: Quitting my safe job and going to culinary school!

favorite happy place: On the sofa with my kiddos watching a comedy, or on a walk in nature by myself.

you’re never to old to: DANCE!

one thing I can’t live without: Breakfast! (Seriously, I’m a monster without it.)

favorite beauty product: NARS Lipstick

I start each day: by waking up and doing a little snow angel in my bed, saying to myself “I LOVE MY BED!” Then I get up and attempt to exercise, or make my boys breakfast and lunch before getting ready for my looong commute

go to recipe: Skirt Steak and Chimichurri Sauce!

I always wanted to be: an architect

aging gracefully means: accepting yourself for who you are, and having the confidence to be exactly who you are in all circumstances. It’s not easy, but it’s beautiful and empowering when it’s real! It also means that I work hard to take care of myself while accepting that your body will change over time and will be great in other ways than it was in its youth.