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The Closet: Beautiful and sustainable clothing that’s effortless and feminine, Reformation makes clothing that celebrates style and the perfect fit. Check out their website HERE or locally visit one of there stores in San Francisco on Valencia or Fillmore.

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The Traveler: Here is the coolest travel magazine we know of. This beautiful online magazine  celebrates travel in a way that is creative and unique. City Guides, Travel Inspiration and essays and interviews are what this online magazine is all about. Check out what all the fuss is about  HERE.

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The Coolest Spot: Powdered Shaved Snow is a Taiwanese-style shaved snow spot in San Francisco. As their website says, “Think ice cream meets shaved ice”. Check out their website HERE

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The Healthy Recipe: If you don’t yet know about ALL of the incredible things that celery juice can do for you, then you absolutely have to check out everything that the Medical Medium has to say HERE

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Be sure to read “I Drank celery juice for a month to heal my gut. Here’s what happened” from to further understand the amazing things that celery juice can do for you HERE

You can purchase Anthony William’s Thyroid Healing book HERE


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You can purchase Life-Changing Foods HERE

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And Anthony William’s book Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal HERE

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