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Image: Amber Interiors
We are working with a new client in the Oakland Hills who has a Spanish Style home and are using this for inspiration. We love everything about the fabrics, colors and casual yet pulled together look that radiates throughout this gorgeous home. Enjoy HERE

Image: Food&Wine/Getty Images
Funny Story….years ago we took a cooking class at now closed Tante Marie Cooking School in San Francisco. We arrived so excited to learn about cooking a new meal (we have long forgotten what exactly it was) and felt confident that we were coming to class prepared for anything as we both love to entertain and cook ourselves. The instructor gave us each a task as we started in on preparing the meal as a group. We were put together as a pair and were asked to dice tomatoes. A very simple task, right? Except that all of the sudden, we literally could not even begin to think of how on earth one dices tomatoes correctly?!? Staring up at a wall of kitchen knives, all we could think was which knife should we use?!? (keep in mind, at this time we had 7 children under the age of 8 between us!!!) Needless to say, we were in hysterics. We could not stop laughing. People in the class were looking at us unsure of what could possibly be that funny. Somehow we managed to get through the task and to this day it is one of the funniest memories we have together. So, here is our gift to you…a guide on dicing tomatoes! Learn about it HERE

Image: Eye Swoon

Use your tomato dicing skills HERE for this delicious Mediterranean Stripped Bass recipe from Eye Swoon
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Contemplating adding a little more bling to your ears? Read HERE for the guide on multiple ear piercings

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