The Monday Edit: Things We Want to Share


The Make-Up Bag: Read about the beautiful new Mermaid-Themed Makeup and Skin-Care Collection from Rodin that will give you a summer glow  HERE

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The Recipe: You’re never too old for a popsicle and with summer here, you’ll want to make these healthy  and oh so pretty Orange Strawberry Sunrise Popsicles. Recipe HERE

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The Field Trip: How to Spend a Day in San Francisco, According to Chef Dominique Crenn HERE

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The Entertainer: If you’ve never heard of a porrón…well…you need to know what this is. Pam was at a dinner party over the weekend and learned  first hand all about this Spanish tradition of serving wine… this is such a fun thing to put on your table at your next dinner with friends and is definitely a great way to get to  know other people! The challenge is to see how far away from your face you can can move the porrón without spilling wine all over yourself. We are happy to report that by pure luck (definitely not skill!) Pam’s white jeans remained white! Purchase your own porrón HERE

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Read more about drinking from a porrón  HERE

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The Opportunity: If you live in the Bay Area and enjoy baking, consider donating your time to Cake4Kids. Volunteers bake and deliver birthday cakes for foster children and at risk youth. As they state on their site, “Cake4Kids is powered by an amazing and compassionate group of volunteers. Our bakers are mostly home-bakers. There are no minimum commitments – you choose how often you want to bake a cake for us. It’s pretty simple – you choose a cake theme from our online calendar, bake the cake in your home and deliver the cake to one of the agencies we serve. Our volunteers never meet the children we support, but every cake is custom-made for each child and an enormous amount of love is baked into every cake.”

This is a great activity to do with your high school or college age kids home for summer. Check out their website HERE for more information.

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