The Recipe: Things to Make This Weekend

It’s Friday! Here are some delicious summer’s-not-over recipes to make before Fall really sets in. Have a great weekend!

The Cocktail: Ginger Margarita Recipe HERE

{Image: Olive Magazine}

The  Appetizer: Cucumber Tomato Salad with Garlic Herb Grilled Naan Recipe HERE

{Image: Smitten Kitchen}

The Salad: Simple Salad and Healthy Fries Recipe HERE

{Image: Feel the Lean}

The Main Course:  Shrimp Burgers HERE

{Image:The Food Network}

The Dessert: Peach Tart Recipe HERE

{Image: Food 52/Amanda Hesser}


The Game: How about playing this twist on a favorite game with friends this weekend? Stumbling Blocks HERE


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