The Recipe: Things to Make This Weekend


This week we thought we would share recipes that you can take with you! With the weather starting to get warmer, a picnic on the beach might be just around the corner. You can also make these and enjoy them at home. We’ve also included some fun things to up your picnic game this year. Enjoy and happy weekend! {front image: InStyle/Eskayel}

Mint-Lime Cooler. Recipe HERE

{Image: Bloomberg}

Sweet Potato Chips with White Bean and Basil Dip from GOOP. Recipe HERE

{Image: GOOP}

Read HERE to learn all about making the perfect Crudité Platter

{Image: Simmer and Sauce}

 Quinoa Salad with Spring Vegetable and Herbs from The Ranch At Live Oak Cookbook. Link HERE for the cookbook. Recipe HERE.

{Image: JustLuxe}

Lemon & Edamame Sandwich from Love & Lemons HERE.  Cookbook HERE

{Image: love&lemons}

Grain-Free Chocolate Zucchini Cake Recipe from Pamela Salzman HERE .Kitchen Matters cookbook HERE

{Image: Pamela Salzman}



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