The Recipe: Things to Make This Weekend


Happy Friday! A great cookbook find that we wanted to share with you is Host: A Modern Guide to Eating, Drinking and  Feeding Your Friends by Eric Prum and Josh Williams. It’s a great resource for all levels of entertainers and makes a fantastic gift! It covers all types of entertaining…from small dinner parties to large soirees! Purchase cookbook HERE

{Image: Books.Google.Com}

The Cocktail: Here’s a recipe from Host: A Modern Guide to Eating, Drinking and Feeding Your Friends The Back-Garden Cocktail is the perfect toast to Spring! Bonus: You can prepare it ahead of time! Recipe HERE

{Image: W&P Design}

The Appetizer: Herbed Ricotta with Grilled Bread…makes your mouth water just looking at the photo! Recipe from Food & Wine HERE

{Image:Food & Wine}

The Main Course: Mediterranean Fish In Parchment from Pamela Salzman HERE

{Image: Pamela Salzman}

The Side Dish: Crispy Lemon Potatoes from GOOP. Perfection! Recipe HERE

{Image: GOOP}

The Dessert: Lemon Souffle

Do not be afraid of this just because it is a SOUFFLE! It is so easy! You really can do this! Make the batter ahead of time (up to 2 hours)  and then bake it. It is so light and delicious! Recipe from the NY Times HERE

{Image: NYT}