the interview: 10 questions for lee rhodes, founder of glassybaby


Living in the Bay Area, we are surrounded by incredible stories of people taking their passion and turning it into a thriving business. It’s always fascinating to see how an idea was created and what it grew to be. When we found out that the creator of our favorite gift to receive and give,  Glassybaby founder, Lee Rhodes, herself had quite a story, we knew we had to share it. Read here to learn more about this 3 time lung cancer survivor and mother and what makes Glassybaby so special.

We were fortunate enough to have Lee Rhodes answer our 10 questions. Here’s what she said:

1. who I am right now

a mama.

2. biggest “no regret”

starting glassybaby.

3. favorite happy place

walking with my dogs.

4. you’re never too old to

exercise hard with your children.

5. one thing I can’t live without

being outside.

6. Favorite beauty product


7. I start each day

taking ten deep breaths.

8. go to recipe

beet salad with blue cheese.

9. I always wanted to be

a doctor

10. aging gracefully means

living life with joy

A few weeks ago we had the most amazing visit with Brittany Shefts, Bay Area Regional Manager for Glassybaby. Brittany took time out of her busy day to take us on a behind the scenes tour of the Glassybaby’s Bay Area hot shop and store.