the make-up bag: it’s all clear now

Does anyone else feel like an entirely new person when they clean out their purse?! We we sure do and have found the PERFECT way to keep it all together in our purses and beyond. Enter TRUFFLE who’s mission is “to reimagine the way we carry our everyday essentials.” And boy are they on to something. Whether it’s organizing your suitcase, diaper bag, car, everyday purse or even a desk drawer at work, these babies are both functional and incredibly stylish. They are cheaper than a therapy session or employing a personal organizer…so check out our favorites below and bring back your sanity in style!



Clarity Jetset Case $85.00 available in Black, Dusty Blush and Navy



Clarity Clutch Mini $38.00 available in navy, blush, black, nude and white
Privacy Clutch Skinny $54.00 available in black, blush, navy, nude and whitePrivacy Card Case  $34.00Privacy Wristlet Card Case Duo $68.00

Clarity Clutch Small $42.00 available in white, black, blush, nude and navy