the 5 minute shop: 5 minutes in Hudson Grace


Hudson Grace was started in San Francisco, CA in 2012 by cofounders Monelle Totah and Gary McNatton. Beauty and practicality along with timeless decor for making a house a home are what Hudson Grace is all about. Simple yet effortlessly gorgeous, their curated collection of dinnerware, table linens, flatware, glassware, candles and more make shopping here an incredible experience. The have expanded to I’ve locations in Northern and Southern California . Hudson Grace is now at our favorite SoCal spot, Brentwood Country Mart!  

{Photo via SB Digs}

First, let’s be clear.  You could actually never spend just 5 minutes in Hudson Grace. But, if this is all the time that we had, here’s what we would grab

These wooden bowls are made from fallen trees and a single piece of wood. Pam already has one from Hudson Grace and uses it for everything. It’s an investment that’s well worth it!

Spalted Round Bowls $175.00-$625.00

Berry Bowl $38.00

Tear-Off Napkins, Cocktail Napkin/Coaster $28.00 Luncheon Napkin  $29.00 available in orange, ecru, lipstick red, grey, sand and sea blue

 HG Dish Soap $24.00


Black Votives $16.00-$54.00


Prayer Beads w/Heart $165.00


Paris Porcelain Match Striker $38.00

And just as our 5 minutes are up, we’d grab… 

HG Sea Salt Caramels $14.00