The Tuesday Edit: Things We Want to Share

The Do-It-Yourself Gift Idea: With the holidays rapidly approaching, here is a great gift idea that you can make yourself…give them away and keep some for your own home! How to Make Your Own Homemade Reed Diffusers HERE

{Image: Apartment Therapy}

Or if you’d rather purchase them, these are some of our favorites

The Recipe: This is a great weeknight recipe that is delicious, easy and a total time saver…Slow Cooker Chicken Burrito Bowl Recipe HERE

{Image: Camille Styles}

The Tip: Having Trouble Staying Asleep? HERE for 10 MD -Approved Tips that are actually proven to work

{Image: MindBodyGreen}

Moisture Wicking PJs for a comfortable sleep

The Bungalow: Feeling bold? HERE are a few wallpaper ideas to give your bathroom a fresh look

{Image: Elle Decor}

The College Care Package: We are pretty sure that your college kids would love nothing more than to receive something yummy from home…HERE for 10 Perfect Snacks to Send in a College Care Package

{Image: thekitchn}

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