The Tuesday Edit: Things We Want to Share

The Cookbook: Did you know that GP has a new cookbook coming out? It’s called The Clean Plate and you can pre-order it HEREIt’s the perfect compilation of  easy, doable meals that combine health and ease. We are so excited to have some new recipes to try out in the new year!


{Image: GOOP}


The Recipe: Just in case you are still wondering what to make with your leftovers…Thanksgiving Leftover Food Recipes HERE

{Image: Domino}


The Subscription: Best Subscription Box Gifts for Women HERE

{Image: Harpers Bazaar}

The Gift: HERE for One Kings Lane under $100 Gift Guide

{Image: One Kings Lane}

The Traveler: When you start to feel overwhelmed by the craziness of the holidays, check out The Top 20 Places to Travel in 2019 HERE

{Image: Architectural Digest}


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